Lexicon of Greek Grammarians of Antiquity

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Subject: Classical Studies

General Editor: Franco Montanari
Associate Editors: Fausto Montana, Lara Pagani

Brill’s Lexicon of Greek Grammarians of Antiquity (LGGA) serves as the first point of reference for information on the ancient grammarians for scholars of Greek and Latin antiquity, in particular for research into the history of philology, grammar and ancient scholarship.

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Author(s): Pagani, Lara
Entry Version: This is the English version of this article translated by Patrick Hogan. The original Italian version was written by Lara Pagani and first published on 20/02/2006. Here is the Italian version of this entry. Grammarian: Name: Xenon | Ξένων Identity: BNP Place of Origin: ? Date: 3rd-2nd c. BCE Biography: Xenon’s place in the critical stream of the Alexandrine Χωρίζοντες1 is attested by a passage of Proclus’2 Vita Homeri3 (p. 102, 2-6 Allen: T 1 Montanari = Hellanikos T 2 Montanari), which associates Xenon with Hellanicus4 in doubting Homeric5 authorship of the Odyssey6 (... Ἰλ…


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Author(s): Pagani, Lara
Versione della scheda: La prima versione italiana di questa scheda di Lara Pagani è stata pubblicata il 20/02/2006. Qui si trova la versione inglese della scheda. Grammatico: Nome: Xenon | Ξένων Identità: BNP Luogo di provenienza: ? Data: 3°–2° sec. a.C. Biografia: L’appartenenza di Xenon alla linea critica dei Χωρίζοντες alessandrini è testimoniata da un passo della Vita Homeri di Proclo (p. 102, 2–6 Allen: T 1 Montanari = Hellanikos T 2 Montanari), che associa Xenon a Ellanico nella messa in discussione della paternità omerica dell’ Odissea (… Ἰλιάδα καὶ Ὀδύσσειαν, ἣν Ξένων καὶ Ἑλλά…