Clay טיט
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I. Name

In the Ugaritic texts a binomial deity: ẓẓ wkmṯ (KTU 1.100:36; 1.107:16) is attested. Virolleaud read the first name as ṭṭ. He and other scholars connected the word with Heb. ṭîṭ; Akk. ṭidu(m), ṭiṭu, ṭiṭṭ/ddu; Aram. ṭyn/ṭînā (DISO 110); Ar. ṭîn ‘clay’, ‘mud’. It is the substance from which man was made (Atra-Ḫasis I.210–260). As such it is not mentioned in the OT, but here the word appears parallel to ḥomer (Isa. 41.25; Nah. 3.14, cf. Isa. 45.9; Isa. 64.9; Job 10.9; Job 33.6)…

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