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Author(s): Aloys Grillmeier
In the study and assessment of Nestorianism at the present day a distinction is drawn — as far as the sources allow — between the personal teaching of Nestorius, Bishop of Constantinople, 428-31, the actual doctrine of the Nestorians, and “Nestorianism” as an element envisaged in the history of dogma, a possible system not necessarily coinciding with either of the other two concrete facts. This approach is of importance both for the preaching of the faith and for the ecumenical movement. 1. The personal doctrine of Nestorius must first be examined as his response in pastoral…


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Author(s): Aloys Grillmeier
Monotheletism, the doctrine of one will and activity in Christ, affirms that just as there is only one hypostasis (and ‘"nature”) in Christ, so too there is only one will (as faculty, θέλημα), one volition and only one mode of activity (ένέργεια — whence the term “mon-energetism”). This is the will, volition and activity of the Logos. 1. Antecedents. In Arianism and Apollinarianism, insofar as they affirmed that the Logos was the sole principle of spiritual life in Christ, Monotheletism followed automatically. The orthodox representatives of the “one n…


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Author(s): Aloys Grillmeier
Monophysitism is the doctrine that there is only “one nature” (φύσις, ύπόστασις) in Christ, as developed in discussion of the relationship between Godhead and humanity in Christ from the 4th to the 6th century, chiefly on the basis of Alexandrian presuppositions The starting-point is the kerygma about Jesus as the one Son of God become man, or the profession of faith in the true divinity and true humanity of the one Christ. Theological reflection tries to explain how this unity in diversity exis…