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Medieval Chinese Syntax

(9,337 words)

Author(s): Christoph ANDERL
1. General Observations and Periodization A definition of the periodization of Early Medieval Chinese (EMC) in terms of syntactic development can only be provided tentatively. By convention, the beginning of Early Medieval Chinese is usually associated with the introduction of Buddhism to China, and the beginning of translation activities from Indic languages from circa the 2nd century CE onwards. This dating is based on the observation that many new grammatical markers and syntactic constructions for the first time surfaced (although some may well have existed earlier in…
Date: 2017-03-02

Northwestern Medieval Chinese

(7,081 words)

Author(s): Christoph ANDERL | Sven OSTERKAMP
“Northwestern Medieval Chinese” (NWMC) here refers to the variety (or possibly varieties) of Chinese spoken in and around the Héxī 河西 Corridor (situated in today’s Gānsù Province) in the northwest of the Yellow River in late- and post-Táng times (roughly 9th–12th centuries CE). Connecting the Tarim Basin with Northern China, the corridor constituted an important part of the Northern Silk Route, with Dūnhuáng 敦煌 (or Shāzhōu 沙州) as its most important center. Consequently, the variety of Chinese sp…
Date: 2017-03-02