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Letter Collections

(4,245 words)

Author(s): De Landtsheer, Jeanine
¶ The discovery by Petrarch (1304–1374) of Cicero’s Epistolae ad Atticum and the smaller collections in 1345 inspired a number of humanists to make their personal correspondence available for a larger readershi…


(9,784 words)

Author(s): De Landtsheer, Jeanine
¶ Letter writing is a versatile and complex genre of Neo-Latin literature, and as such is affiliated with other lemmata in this Encyclopaedia. In its general concepts it is closely linked with anti-quity, albeit not in a c…

Letter-Writing Manuals

(1,916 words)

Author(s): De Landtsheer, Jeanine
¶ The discovery of Cicero’s letters by Francesco Petrarca (1345) and Coluccio Salutati (1392) heralded a new era in letter-writing. Petrarch promptly set out to rewrite his letters and prepare his own Epistolae for publication, even…

Printing Centres—The Officina Plantiniana

(2,323 words)

Author(s): De Landtsheer, Jeanine
¶ In the sixteenth century, Antwerp became one of the major printing centers of Europe. In 1555 Christopher Plantin ( c. 1520–1589) founded the Officina Plantiniana and soon earned quite a reputation in religious and humanist…

Letters of Dedication

(1,083 words)

Author(s): Verbeke, Demmy | De Landtsheer, Jeanine
¶ The origins of the dedicatory letter go back to Graeco-Roman antiquity. One of the first authors to add a separate letter addressed to a kinsman, a friend, or a possible patron to his manuscripts was Archimedes (287–212 bc). By the firs…