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Author(s): Henri Rondet
Pelagianism designates in theology a heretical position with regard to the problems of grace and freedom. It goes back to the British monk Pelagius (“Morgan”) who about the year 400 preached in Rome a strictly biblical spirituality with strong emphasis on the human will. It was disseminated by his disciples Caelestius and Julian of Eclanum. Augustine played a decisive role in the Pelagian controversy, whose historical course need not be pursued here in detail. Like the Stoics, Pelagius thought t…

Predestination - Concept and History of the Problem

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Author(s): Henri Rondet
Part of Predestination: 1. Concept and History of the Problem 2. Theological Explanation Two aspects are to be clearly distinguished from the start: the divine prevision which belongs to the order of knowledge, and predestination, which involves much more. In the latter, God is envisaged as the creator and conserver of the world, the primary mover who moves all secondary causes, including the human will. He moves the will in such a way that its free decisions are ultimately effects of God’s primary causality…