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“I AM” Activity

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Author(s): Mayer, Jean-François
The “I AM” movement was launched by an American couple, Guy Warren Ballard (1878-1939) and Edna Anne Wheeler Ballard (1886-1971). They had both shown a long-time interest toward occult literature. Guy Ballard had become a medium himself even before his marriage in 1916 and apparently ‘practiced spiritualism in Chicago for a number of years’ (Braden). According to some sources, the Ballards were familiar not only with Theosophical literature, but also with Christian Science, Unity, the Rosicrucia…

UFO traditions

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Author(s): Mayer, Jean-François
Among contemporary religious and esoteric phenomena, there are some which seem so closely associated with modern ideas and themes that it might be considered premature to associate them with a word like “tradition”, evocative of something with roots in a relatively long past. The esoteric currents associated with UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) represent such a case. The emergence of the “flying saucer” phenomenon is usually associated with Kenneth Arnold's (1915-1984) sightings in June 1947.…

Swedenborgian traditions

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Author(s): Mayer, Jean-François
→ Swedenborg never tried to establish any kind of esoteric or religious organization during his lifetime: what he left behind were his writings, his message regarding the inner meaning of the Holy Scriptures and the coming of a new Christianity. However, already during his life, his work had found some enthusiastic readers; consequently, it is not surprising that some of them attempted to establish groups based upon Swedenborg's teachings as they understood them. The most enduring organizations …

Lorber, Jakob

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Author(s): Mayer, Jean-François
Lorber, Jakob, * 22 Jul 1800 (Kanischa), † 24 Aug 1864 (Graz) Musician and teacher. Received revelations through the “Inner Word”, which continue to attract readers today, and are translated into an increasing number of languages. They have become a model for other Neuoffenbarungen (new revelations) in the German-speaking world. Lorber was born in a village of Lower Styria, not far from Maribor (today in Slovenia). At an early age he developed musical gifts and learned to play various instruments. He decided to study for becoming a school teach…