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Prothetic Vowel

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Author(s): Munther A. Younes
1. Prothesis in fuṣḥā Three basic syllable types (CV, CVC, and CVV) occur freely in the language; another three types (CVCC, CVVC, CVVCC) are limited to specific environments, mainly word-finally or before a pause (Bateson 1967:6–7; Holes 1995:62; Watson 2002:60; Badawi a.o. 2004:10). There is a general constraint against the occurrence of more than one consonant in syllable onsets or, as the Arab grammarians described it, ‘the meeting of two silent letters’ ( iltiqāʾ as-sākinayn; Sībawayhi, Kitāb IV, 152; Zamaxšarī, Mufaṣṣal 349, 503). If a morphological process results in…