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Calculus of variations

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Author(s): Fraser, Craig | Rammer, Gerhard
1. Origins The core of the calculus of variations in its simplest form lies in finding a function that maximizes or minimizes a fixed definite integral.. The term calculus of variations was proposed in the 18th century by Leonhard Euler, following Joseph Louis de Lagrange, and refers to the procedure of using extremal conditions to identify the function in question in such a way that the value of the integral changes only minimally with small variations in the function. As a …
Date: 2019-03-20


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Author(s): Rammer, Gerhard | Lehmann-Brauns, Sicco
1. Physics 1.1. Concepts Physicists today define a force as a physical value that will change the motion of a body. Originally, among the ideas to become associated with the concept of force was that of muscular tension. The concept had a wide spectrum of meaning in early modern scholarly discourse. There was no clear distinction between force in its essential sense of the stimulus to a movement and force in the wider sense of the stimulus to general changes in an object [1]; [3]; [12]. Krünitz' Ökonomische Encyklopädie, for instance, sees the physical force behind movement as sim…
Date: 2019-03-20