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Consonant Changes

(2,279 words)

Author(s): Simon Oswald
Abstract A synopsis of the major diachronic consonant changes in Proto-Greek, Mycenaean, Classical, Koine, Medieval and Modern Greek, with a brief discussion of some of the major obstacles in this field of research. Consonant change (CC) is phonological, affecting the spoken form of the language and referring to the change in pronunciation of a consonant within a word. This change was either regular, affecting all instances of a consonant in the same phonetic environment, or sporadic, affecting only a limited number of words. D…
Date: 2013-11-01

Metrical Laws

(2,494 words)

Author(s): Simon Oswald
Abstract Metrical laws are patterns observed by modern scholars within the realm of Greek meter. These laws may be restricted to individual meters, genres, and even particular authors. They deal with the compositional dimension of verse ‒ the coordination of words within the meter ‒ and are named after their modern discoverers. Two of the most important principles relating to metrical laws are word-breaks (caesurae) and the avoidance of word-breaks (bridges). 1. Introduction Metrical laws are patterns observed b…
Date: 2013-11-01