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Author(s): Stefan A. Frisch
1. Definition Phonotactics are the patterns of co-occurrence and avoidance between phonological units in a syllable, word, or phrase. 2. Consonant co-occurrence in Arabic Arabic has phonotactic restrictions between consonants within the verbal roots that have played an important role in the development of phonological theory. Greenberg (1950) was the first systematic quantitative study of these patterns. However, Greenberg noted that these patterns of co-occurrence among consonants in the verbal roots were known to tra…

Speech Errors

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Author(s): Stefan A. Frisch
1. General introduction to speech errors The easy and automatic production of speech makes the cognitive processes that are involved in speech production difficult to detect. The study of mistakes in speech production provides a window through which to view the mental organization of language and the processes that are used to turn language into speech (Dell 1995). The vast majority of speech error research has been conducted on English, and the received wisdom on speech error patterns is based on Eng…