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9.11 Arabic

(817 words)

Author(s): Vollandt, Ronny
Part of 9. Judith9.11.1 Background and SignificanceThe history of the book of Judith in Arabic is largely uncharted. Judaeo-Arabic versions of the book remain unattested. In contrast, however, a number of manuscripts of Christian provenance survived.1 None of them has been subjected to a thorough study. Although the book of Judith played an important role among the Syriac-speaking Churches and was transmitted in two distinct versions, no translation from the Syriac into Arabic could hitherto be identified.2 Manuscripts fall into two groups: a translation from the Greek…
Date: 2018-11-07

Hebraisms in Arabic Versions of the Hebrew Bible

(2,959 words)

Author(s): Vollandt, Ronny
Hebraisms in Arabic versions of the Bible result from the interference of the Hebrew source text in the translational language. They consist of a transfer of characteristic linguistic features from the source language to that of the target language, in which they are, by definition, unidiomatic, alien, or artificial. Manifestations of this interference can be seen in the fields of syntax, lexicon, and morphology. Given the relative closeness of the two languages, they occur abundantly and play a…

Glosses of Hebrew: Medieval Arabic

(2,049 words)

Author(s): Vollandt, Ronny
In Judeo-Arabic texts glosses are found in the margins ( glossa marginalis), between the lines ( glossa interlinearis) or embedded into the text. A collection of glosses in a separate composition is, hence, referred to as a ‘glossary’ (the terms ‘word list’ and, less frequently, ‘vocabulary’ are also used). In Hebrew, glosses are called לעזים laʿazim (based on Ps. 114.1) and glossaries ספרי פתרונות sip̄re p̄itrōnōt. The term used in Judeo-Arabic is sharḥ/tafsīr alfāẓ. Judeo-Arabic glossaries of Hebrew texts appeared in the wake of the almost complete arabicization of…