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Author(s): Corradi, Michele
Entry Version: This is the English version of this article translated by Patrick Hogan. The original Italian version was written by Michele Corradi and first published on 28/07/2016. Here is the Italian version of this entry. Grammarian: Name: Isigonus | Ἰσίγονος Identity: Place of Origin: Nicaea Date: 1st c. BCE? ↓ To Source List Biography: A native of Nicaea, according to Pliny1 (nat. 7, 2, 12), Gellius2 (9, 4, 3–4), and Stephanus of Byzantium3 ( ν 52 Billerbeck, s.v .Νίκαια, where we should accept Holst’s conjecture of Ἰσίγονος for the preserved ἀρήγονος; cf. Billerbeck 2014, p. 38…


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Author(s): Corradi, Michele
Versione della scheda: La prima versione italiana di questa scheda di Michele Corradi è stata pubblicata il 28/07/2016. Qui si trova la versione inglese della scheda. Grammatico: Nome: Isigonus | Ἰσίγονος Luogo di provenienza: Nicea Data: 1° sec. a.C.? ↓ Elenco delle fonti Biografia: Originario di Nicea, secondo Plinio ( nat. 7, 2, 12), Gellio (9, 4, 3–4) e Stefano di Bisanzio (ν 52 Billerbeck, s.v. Νίκαια, in cui deve essere accolta la congettura Ἰσίγονος di Holste per il tradito ἀρήγονος; cfr. Billerbeck 2014, p. 383 n. 87; Κιττιεύς in Cyr. Iul. 3, 88 è probabilmente frutto di un errore per Ν…

Onesikritos (134)

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Author(s): Whitby, Michael
This entry was prepared by Michael Whitby and published on 1 October 2011. About this Historian Historian: Onesikritos Jacoby number: 134 Attested works: Historian's date: 4th century BC Historical focus: II. Chronography ( Political-Military History) | B. Specific History and Monographs | c. History of Alexander Place of origin: unknown   BNJ 134 T 1 Source: Diogenes Laertios, Lives of the Philosophers 6.84 Work mentioned: Source date: 3rd century AD Source language: Greek Fragment subject: Philosophy, Ancient - Library of Congress - Library of Congress education, ancient - …