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Author(s): Frisius, Mark A.
Scapula, proconsul of Africa (212–213 CE), is typically identified as P. Julius Scapula Tertullus Priscus, consul ordinaris in 195 CE. A secondary identification is his cousin C. Julius (Scapula) Lepidus Tertullus, one of the consul suffects in 195 CE (Barnes, 1986, 202–203; Birley, 1992, 53). Little is known about the family of Scapula, although it must have had some significance as few former consuls became proconsuls of Africa (Potter, 2010, 297).Scapula was the recipient of a short, open letter from Tertullian, penned after the near total eclipse of the sun on Aug 14, 212 CE (Tert. Sca…
Date: 2019-03-25